October 15, 2008

Crime Beat: Kookez Robbery

We've had a few inquiries about whether or not Kookez was robbed before it closed. We posted about a September 15 robbery on 24th St, and the owners of Kookez confirm they were hit:
Yes, we did get hit, and I think that it would be a good idea to post it, if you have the time, just to make other business owners aware that there is someone out there that is hitting places. We think (and of course this is only speculation) that it was someone that had been 'casing' the place for awhile. They knew exactly where to go, and how to get in. The police were able to take some evidence to the police station, but it's still an open investigation, so we really can't say much more!
So there ya go.


Shy said...

Yes, while we did get hit before we closed, the posting you have listed on September 15 was NOT our place. We were hit the week before, however the circumstances were very similar, so it seems that perhaps I was correct that someone is casing places in Noe Valley.

Noe Valley, SF said...

It's a good bet that the crime reports aren't entirely accurate with dates - they're just summaries of all the reports filed. Many times, we see reports that are off a few days or give a 4-5 day window on when something actually occurred.