October 30, 2008

Update: Planning Commission October 23, 2008

Last week the Planning Commission ruled on two projects on 24th St:
4128 24th STREET - Request for Conditional Use Authorization...to convert the existing, ground floor office space to a full-service restaurant, totaling approximately 350 square feet (dba “Noe Soup"). [Translation: the old BJ Droubi house is getting a restaurant]

3931-3933 - 24TH STREET – Request for Conditional Use Authorization...to allow the construction of one new dwelling-unit with no off-street parking. [Translation: Noe Bagel will have to close while the building is expanded]
Both projects were approved as part of the Consent Calendar. These two and three other projects were approved with a single vote and without public comment. That is not to say the Commission didn't ask for comment - no one showed up to give any. Color us surprised.

As we wrote last week, the conversion 4128 24th St to a restaurant is likely the last available conditional use permit for a new restaurant in Noe Valley.

The motion (brought by Supervisor McGoldrick) to ammend legislation to "require conditional use authorization for any permit...to remove dwelling units" was disapproved 6-1. This would have made mandatory a discretionary review (DR) for all residential demolition permit applications, including 1 and 2 unit buildings (and including dwelling unit mergers). Existing code allows for planning staff initiated DR hearings. Expect this to come up again (after the election).

Bonus: learned a new phrase - "Richmond Special." Seems to be a catch-all for illegal (non-conforming) dwelling units added to a single family home.

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