October 3, 2008

Chloe's Cafe Removes Its Wrappings

No more worries of lead chips in Chloe's Eggs (which were probably fine anyway) - the scaffolding came off the building yesterday and revealed a pretty new paint job. Assuming it's not raining this weekend, expect crowds to once again descend on this popular Noe Valley brunch spot.

[Chloe’s Eggs: Leaded or Unleaded?]


TK said...

Can someone tell me what the deal is? Why do people wait an hour to eat there? I've never actually braved the wait. Is it really worth it?

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly fine. But not wait-worthy. Ditto for Toast, and the rest of the brunch venues in Noe, at least since the brunch-from-heaven at Miss Millie's left the valley. If you want to try Chloe's, go for a mid-week lunch.

I usually go to Fattoush, which has a perfectly fine brunch and doesn't make you wait all day. Nice back patio too.