October 2, 2008

Dog Days in Noe Valley

Animals have their day, too. This Saturday is the annual Blessing of the Animals on the steps of St. Philip Church. 725 Diamond St, 10am. All animals welcome.

From there, throw a costume on your dog and head up the hill to Dogtoberfest at Upper Douglass Park. There's a costume contest, a portrait photographer, activities, and treats to benefit the Dog Play Area. 27th at Douglass, 11 am-2 pm. "Guaranteed fun for all!"

And in a slightly related note: The Chronicle highlights Mona Caron and the new Murals at the Farmer's Market. Nice article. But check out this reader's comment:
That is an awesome and beautiful mural for sure.. Noe Valley does have it's positive aspects, this mural is one of them. Now, if they would only clean up after their dogs so that people can walk down the sidewalks without side stepping crap all the time, then the neighborhood, would be really happening place. Noe Valley you get a A for that mural, but you still lack in the basics... clean up your sidewalks..... Especially those of you who have storefronts.... no one wants to buy anything, especially edible products from a store who has a pile of crap in front of it...
Sounds angry. But is it a valid point?


rocky's dad said...

it's a very valid comment. by and large, many NV dog owners are inconsiderate and do not clean up after their dogs. they're lazy and disrespectful.
you can walk down 24th st on any given day and smell dog shit, right on the sidewalk or in tree wells. many of the storefronts have very dirty sidewalks. why the hell don't they clean up?

Noe vally is nice but its got a long ways to go to being a clean place to live.

Shy said...

As a business owner who has had people let their animals 'relieve' themselves in front of our store (at which time we do drop everything to clean up when we see it), it is very frustrating for us. Why is it our responsibility to clean up after someone else's animal? It would be like me letting my dog do her business in front of someone else's house and letting them deal with the mess. I know that I owe it to our customers to keep our storefront clean (which we do), but in the line of business we are in, our customers don't want to see me out front cleaning up after someone else's dog, and then serving them food. Of course I scrub my hands clean, but it's still not appealing for them to watch. I do, however, make a point to call someone out on their dogs mess when I see it happen, which on several occasions has caused people to call me a bitch for saying anything. 'Mind your own business' is what one person told me, and I told him that I was...I was minding the business that I own in which they are allowing their dog to s*** on my front step. He then said to me, 'well considering your food is s***, it fits right in.' Completely uncalled for, but that's what happens. Something similar happened to our neighbor, too. I've even seen officers NOT do anything when a person lets their dog litter and not clean it up. I think that littering fines should be imposed on people that do this, $1000 fine will teach you real quick to pick up.