October 24, 2008

690 Stanyan St: Approved!

Curbed SF is reporting that the Planning Commission yesterday gave unanimous approval to the development at 690 Stanyan St. Why do we care? Because the anchor tenant is Whole Foods, and it replaces a Cala (Bell) Market. Sound familiar?

The latest reporting in the Noe Valley Voice is that:
Bell Market...has lost its lease and will be closing in February 2009. However, the space will be occupied by a new Whole Foods Market, going in sometime after April 2009.
Mark Campagna, spokesperson for property owner Anchor Realty, told this Voice reporter last month that there were no plans to demolish the 16,000-plus-square-foot structure, although the 24th Street store is small by Whole Foods (and Kroger) standards, where the average size is twice to three times as large.

Campagna said he did not know how long it would take Whole Foods to reopen the store, but he estimated it would be a matter of several months.
FWIW, there is no record of a permit application on file with the Planning Department for the location on 24th St. So if they're actually planning on opening next spring they better get on it. At least the decision re: 690 Stanyan St. shows that if Whole Foods is subject to a large-scale review of any project on 24th St, they have a sympathetic ear at the Planning Commission.

While we'd prefer to see housing over retail and the elimination of the parking lot, we agree with the decision to keep the building as is and move in as soon as possible.

Now we have to see if Whole Foods continues to have faith in San Francisco in light of the recent economic downturn.

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