October 20, 2008

Tung Sing: Shut Down by Health Department

When Tung Sign closed abruptly for a "kitchen remodel" we decided to investigate. Public records always provide a better explanation than a sign on the door.

A "complaintant" - presumably a neighbor - filed a report: "Complaintant hired a plumber to determine the source of a leak that is damaging inventory in basement. Plumber says it is coming from the common wall and occupants of 4015 refused access."

The building department detected "...seepage through basement foundation at 4011-24th St. Also at backyard. Dye tested, yellow-green, at 4015-24th St, back cottage, restaurant kitchen and bathrooms...Dye test is positive. Gave owner 1st [Notice of Violation]."

In other words? Leaking sewer pipe. To be fixed this week. Or so. Permit # PP20081017271 was issued 10/17 to "Replace a section of the sewer line that leaks due to wear & tear : Approx 40' & including 6 drainage outlets." They plan to open this Friday.

A recent inspection (6/23/08) detected no sewage leak so this must be a new thing. (Tung Sing's score is 90/100, with mostly low-risk problems since abated.)

Update (10/21): We spoke to one of the owners today and she said they will likely open later this week, pending inspections. Whatever the case may be, they've now scratched out the end date for the sign below.