October 9, 2008

Changes in the Noe Valley Housing Market

Here's a look at some home price changes in Noe Valley this week. Please note that the original price is just that - prices may have changed many times since originally listed (up and down).
1013 Castro St$1,495,000$1,525,000+$30,000
3628 22nd St$2,138,000$1,864,000-$274,000
4086 25th St$2,395,000$1,849,000-$546,000
3774 23rd St$1,495,000$1,450,000-$50,000
636 28th St*$1,950,000$1,995,000+$45,000*
429 Elizabeth$1,649,000$1,498,000-$151,000

*actually dropped $200k this week


TK said...

Well, it's nice to see that all these places are now...STILL TOTALLY UNAFFORDABLE.

rocky's dad said...

well, they're unaffordable to some, but they are still selling. that's why NV is such a great area to live in.