April 23, 2009

Paolo Dominici: Hit By A Boat?

Missing restaurateur may have been killed by boat

DNA testing has confirmed that a bone fragment recovered in the waters off Ali'i Drive is that of missing spearfisherman Paolo Dominici, 49, of San Francisco, according to Hawai'i County police.

Dominici, owner of Bacco Ristorante in Noe Valley, went spearfishing with a friend offshore of the Kona Makai Condominiums on the morning of April 11 and was reported missing after failing to return to shore. Fire department personnel found the bone fragment and other items belonging to the man, indicating he may have been run over by a boat.

Police said witnesses reported seeing a boat in the area where Dominici was believed to have been diving.
[HA: Missing restaurateur may have been killed by boat]
[NVSF: Bacco Owner Missing in Hawaii]


Anonymous said...

Don't fool yourselves. Bodies hit by boats are found. People eaten by tiger sharks are not.

Anonymous said...

I was actually on the Big Island vacationing with my husband, brother and sister in-law at the time of Paolo most unfortunate accident. We were actually on the dive boat of the dive operation who was questioned about being in the area at the time. We were told that they were not in the area at the time. We actually also spoke with people who were friendly with the Dominici family and were staying at the Kona Makai. They said that they did not see any boats during that time. Also, Paolo was an excellent spear fisherman and would come back with huge fish. There are quite a few tiger sharks that reguarly travel up and down the Kona Coastline ranging between 10 to 18 feet long. We were even told that the locals have named the sharks.

Most people we talked to all thought it was a tiger shark v. a boat. If Paolo had hanging fish from his utility belt then the tiger shark was after the fish and not Paolo. Unfortunately, Paolo was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My sympathy goes out to Paolo's wife and daughter.

God Bless!