April 7, 2009

Nob Hill Gazette On Your Doorstep?

A reader wonders:
Several months ago the Nob Hill Gazette started delivering to Noe Valley. I see the papers, wrapped in plastic, strewn all over the sidewalks. To me it's clear that most of us don't care to read the paper and they just deliver it to increase their circulation numbers. I've asked them a number of times to at least stop delivering to me, but that doesn't seem to work. I'm tired of the mess and dealing with a newspaper that I never asked to receive. Today I emailed them once again, and CCed Bevan Dufty.

The same could actually be said of the Examiner, but at least they stopped delivery to my home when I asked. [Ed.--this editor had to ask 4 times.]

Am I crazy? Is this bothering anyone else?
Haven't noticed it around here, but we'll take your word for it. The NHG describes itself as having "a controlled circulation of 80,000 copies every month" that "caters to an audience upscale in taste and lifestyle." Then why is it piling on Noe doorsteps?
Readers are young and old, male and female, savvy and sophisticated. They have discretionary income to spend on homes, cars, clothes, jewelry, furniture, art, travel, and related luxury items. Even more important, they care about the community, and make time to support and sponsor cultural, philanthropic and charitable events — all year ’round.
Maybe. But apparently Noe neighbors don't want to read it.

[Nob Hill Gazette]


Anonymous said...

The way to deal with this is to report the paper to their circulation auditor. All newspapers are audited by some third party circulation entity. Just call up the auditor and say that they're packing their circulation numbers by delivering out of area and by ignoring opt out requests. A call from the auditor will get their attention

Tim said...

We used to get this crap every month, with the same shiny plastic white women on every cover in $5,000 gowns. If I recall correctly, their tagline is "Nob Hill: Not just an address, but an attitude". They couldn't be more right.

Haven't seen this garbage in Noe yet though.

Anonymous said...

Started receiving this garbage in our Menlo Park neighborhood within the last year. Googled to see if there's any way to cancel, although I knew there really wasn't as it's just flung into every driveway. Sad to learn this unwanted, large format crap has been distributed in the Bay Area for at least 10 years, I suppose just to go straight in the recycling bin in many households. Ugh.