April 2, 2009

New Life On 24th St

From a reader:
New trees planted at the Noe parking lot between Le Zinc and Radio Shack to replace the old eucalyptus trees today. I chatted with the guy planting the trees – he said they are Japanese flowering cherry trees. They have flower blossoms (pink) in the spring, but no edible fruit. Appropriately, they’re going in during the Cherry Blossom festivals around the world and are just starting to bloom now. They’re cute!
Cute or not, they were planted a lot quicker than we expected.

[NVSF: Appeal? Lost. Budget? Intact. Trees? Gone.]
[SF Cherry Blossom Festival]


Tamagosan said...

I'm also impressed with the speedy planting! SAKURA!

murphstahoe said...

"Cute or not, they were planted a lot quicker than we expected."

And ya know, that's sort of sad but true, really. We had some Oak trees die in our back yard. We had a guy cut them out but then we had to figure out what to do with the hole in the yard.

We went to a tree nursery, described the yard, how big we wanted the trees to be, what sort of watering the general area got, etc... They recommended a flowering pear tree. $120 (for two trees, tree stakes, and gopher cages) and three hours later I had finished planting new trees into my yard - having had no clue what I was doing when I woke up that morning.

Good to see that at least something in the government works as well as one guy with a shovel and $120 to spend.