April 5, 2009

Food Bites: Two Noe Valley Restaurants Make The Top 100

The Chronicle released its Top 100 Restaurants of 2009 today. Whatever you think of Michael Bauer and his choices (Betelnut...?), we were happy to see two Noe Valley restaurants made the list: Incanto and Firefly. Further afield but still walkable picks in the Mission were Beretta, Foreign Cinema, Dosa, Range, and Delfina. Notably missing was the excellent La Ciccia on 30th and Church. Contigo, which opened in February, was too new to be considered for this year.

If you went to the Farmer’s Market this Saturday you may have noticed that nut vendors Malik Ranch had no pistachios for sale. According to the family that runs the stand, they grow their own pistachios and have them processed at a center in Northern California that was unaffected by reported salmonella outbreaks. As a precaution they’ve returned all the pistachios to the processor to be destroyed. A new batch should be available at the market by late April or early May. What to do with pistachios you've already bought? That's up to you.

Noeteca: now opening mid-May. Details as we get them.

[SFGate: Map of Top 100 restaurants in SF]
[NVSF: Noeteca]


Anonymous said...

It's a crime that La Ciccia was omitted. They are creating some of the best food in the city. I'm happy that Incanto made the list, but Firefly??

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Contigo is too new and Nopalito, which has been open for like 2 weeks, made the list.

To Anon 1 - Firefly is a kickass restaurant and deserved its spot.

Anonymous said...

Firefly is the best. I love it, and have been there dozens of times over the years. Incanto has just never done it for me, although I know people who love it.