April 21, 2009

Agenda: Upper Noe Neighbors--Pritikin Mansion

Pritikin Mansion on Chenery St. Our neighborhood estate happens to be the largest private estate in San Francisco Bob Pritikin would like to turn it into the Only in San Francisco Museum. Come hear about the proposal that would require a conditional use permit from the Planning Dept.

San Francisco General Plan--Housing and Recreation/Open Space Elements: the Planning Department will discuss how the General Plan will affect Noe Valley.
What: Upper Noe Neighbors monthly meeting
When: Thursday, April 23, 7:30 pm
Where: Upper Noe Rec Center, 295 Day St.


Anonymous said...

Where is this mansion? What does it look like on the outside? Address?
All pretty basic info: Who What When Where How Why

bats said...

The Pritikin Mansion is on a a "landlocked" property, almost completely hidden from view. It sits behind homes on Chenery and Dolores... midway between Randall Elementary (on Randall) and the On Lok Senior Center on 30th.

I've uploaded a couple of exterior shots of the mansion here:



bats said...

Correction -- I believe the school is called "Fairmont Elementary School", not Randall. My err.

Anonymous said...

Thanks bats. I've driven right by it for almost 20 years and never known it was there!

Anonymous said...

This looks beautiful! Isn't this in Glen Park?

Anonymous said...

This is such a crock; the house is NOT the largest private estate in Sf..Pritikin is known for grandiose words and schemes.

I've been in the house many times. it's cheaply constructed, mainly just wood studs and drywall..cheap bathrooms, poor lighting. lots of fake "real" art...sculptures and crap from Cost Plus.

This proposal will never happen. Can you imagine the traffic and parking issues if this did become some kind of museum. what a joke.

noevalleygal said...

Also note they've been trying to rent the tiniest cottage ever - since at least since January which is when I toured it. Recently on craigslist -

Noe Valley on San Francisco’s largest privet estate. Single tenant desired. No pets. Completely furnished in every detail. Includes weekly maid service. Clothes washer dryer on property. All utilities included. Secure off-the-street parking is available for a small additional fee. This efficiency cottage, while it has all the amenities, is charmingly small. (415) 824-4458

- http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/apa/1137006636.html

Anonymous said...

This guy is an eccentric nut. He owns several pieces of Hitler memorabilia and has a pending frivolous law suit against Tom Cruise. Is his nazi stuff going to be on display? Just because you have millions, don't go too nutty on us. He wrote the rice-a-roni jingle. What talent!

Anonymous said...

Please oblige with Bob P's email address [or postal address]
Somewhere I have seen he owns a "genuine" J.M.W. Turner
which is of great interest to us!

Douglass Montrose-Graem
The Turner Museum and Thomas Moran Galleries

Anonymous said...

Well I know Bob personaly and yes he is different but one of the nicest people I have yet to meet! I will give him the number of the Thomas Moran Galleries and let him decide if he is interested in contacting them. To the person who had such unflatering things to say , it sounds like envy to me , the house is beautiful and Bob is kind and generous.

By: postfuture said...

I was at a wedding there and it was great fun! Bob was there and was the eccentric mysterious uncle! I was thinking about renting it for an event, does anyone know of any contact info