April 7, 2009

Closing: Ritz Camera

From Robbie:
Within a few weeks Noe Valley & 24th Street will be losing another business This time the victim of the economic recession is Ritz Camera Located at 3980 24th Street. When I saw the equipment wrapped up and boxes in the window I had to stop in and see what was happening. The store worker informed me that the company was liquidating their inventory--closing approximately 400 stores. The signs will be going up in a few days. They were told they will remain open for about 6 more weeks while the liquidation process starts.
Good catch, Robbie! Let's see how long before "closing 400 stores" is picked up by the MSM.

Update: Turns out the Chronicle had an item on this today: "Right now, most everything is 10 percent off at his store on 24th Street. The liquidation sale is expected to last three to four weeks - at which point, [Glen] Stroud says, he expects to be staring unemployment in the face."

[SFgate: The Bottom Line]
[NVSF: All posts labeled closing]


kitchen bitch said...

Not the least bit surprised. It is unfortunate for the few employees I see there day after day but I think the writing was on the wall.

Lisa Paul said...

Actually caught this on the MSM, two weeks ago, on NBC Nightly news to be exact.

But very sad for the employees.

Hope the one up at the Safeway plaza isn't on the block. I've always been impressed by the friendly and helpful staff.

kitchen bitch said...

In all seriousness anyone who is losing their job and who doesn't have health insurance needs to consider www.healthysanfrancisco.org it is the first step in the right direction to universal healthcare and worth looking into.

Tim said...

The Consumerist had a good take on this the other day.


bats said...

So according to the link on the Consumerist site, here are the other Ritz/Wolf Camera stores closing in San Francisco:

Ritz - Serramonte Center
Wolf - 700 Van Ness
Wolf - 245 Market (downtown)
Wolf - 2300 16th St. (Portrero Center)

bats said...

Woops. Serramonte isn't in San Francisco :-)