April 2, 2009

24th Street: Now With Less Clutter

Reader Tom sent the above photo from outside Noe Valley's Holey Bagel: "Just saw these on 24th." These racks have been planned City-wide since at least 2007 and some think they'll actually bring in more revenue for the City (but you have to fill the racks to make money). DPW says they "reduce the amount of sidewalk clutter associated with free standing news racks." So why are they bolted down next to free standing racks....?

[DPW: News Rack Program]


Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing on Church outside of Happy Donuts. If they'd just get rid of the ugly free-standing boxes that are still lingering around, the program might actually work.

Tamagosan said...

And I like how Mayor Newsome's face is the only thing visible out of those boxes...

Anonymous said...

Great detective work!

Max said...

The Dept of Public Works has given all news publications until April 22 to remove their freestanding racks from the 24th Street Fixed Pedestal Zone.

After the deadline, they will start impounding all freestanding racks in the zone.

Info on the 24th St Zone:

Info on the newsrack program: