February 3, 2009

Food Bites

A quick round-up of the latest Noe Valley food news:

Deep Sushi: No solid evidence (yet), but Eater is reporting that it's been sold. Possibly to people involved with Ozumo. At any rate, still closed.

Chocolate Covered: It doesn't come in a gold wrapper, and you can't win a trip to the factory, but you can track the progress of the cacao beans used in your $16 Chocolate bar. Your purchase will also pay for a new tree in the rain forest. Made locally, and only available at Chocolate Covered on 24th St or in the Financial District at Fog City News.

Bernie's is hosting girlbiz again this Saturday (Feb 7) from 9am-1pm.

1298 Church St: We checked in with Regent Thai about the "high end vietnamese" restaurant at Church and Jersey. A staffer said the owner has placed the project on hold, but we've been unable to get a hold of the owner. Anyone know more?

Contigo: Brett has recieved over 1000 applications for 16 positions so far. And? Still advertising.

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