February 18, 2009

Contigo: Opening Date Set. Finally. Again.

This time it just might happen -- Contigo is set to open March 3, 2009. Staff training has begun, with an emphasis on building a strong neighborhood restaurant. What does that mean? If you haven't been following Brett's blog all this time, here's a bit of what to expect:
We chose the name for our restaurant because it synthesizes our philosophy about the dining experience into one word. Contigo means “with you” in Spanish. It implies connection, community, collaboration, and conviviality.

We believe that the single most important facet of dining is connection: friends, neighbors and lovers sharing a meal together...more
1320 Castro St @24th St

[IPoS: Escuela de Contigo is now in session]
[Contigo: Official Site]

[NVSF: Contigo: Opening February 17th]