February 1, 2009

1260-1270 Dolores St: Under Fire

All of the windows at 1266 Dolores have 2-3 bullet holes in them. Random street gang target practice or have neighbors taken their disagreements to a new level? Besides taking sniper fire, there's been some more activity according to a neighbor's blog:
In November the builder began working on the second building again laying down the floors and breaking up and laying down the sidewalk, and cleaning up and putting in a yard which all look nice but if you really look closely there are bubbles in the wood and the first building has been exposed to the elements for so long that the wood is rotting and peeling away from the building. You can see it from the back side of the buildings.
Is this the kind of builder we want in San Francisco? Would you want to buy a new home from these guys?
There have also been 5 new complaints at the Planning Department:
12/29/08: Unsafe bldg.
01/23/09: Installed gas fireplace w/o permit; Installed fire sprinkler w/o permit; Installed 3 gas fireplace without permit; Installed fire sprinkler w/o permit.
All previous violations are still outstanding.

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[NVSF: 1266 Dolores St.]


Anonymous said...

I walked by and saw em. They don't look like they could've come fron street level; it looked like there was no angle to the projectile entry.