February 26, 2009

Closing: AAA

Open less than a year, and even though "the members said they wanted...neighborhood offices," AAA is closing their Noe Valley location at 4045 24th St. on March 27th (along with 16 other locations in Northern California).

Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader for sending in the photo.

[NVV: Store Trek: AAA]


Spitfiregirl said...

I was surprised to see this (and saddened too). They told me that it was because their members wanted a location with more parking. But then i happened to see on their desk a AAA notice saying that they were closing offices (and laying off about 600 workers nationwide) in an effort to reduce costs.

ps: LOVE your blog. thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me given the hours of availability this particular office was open to the public. For most of us in the area this left us with 3 hours on Saturday to conduct business with them unless I wanted to take a day off of work.