February 17, 2009

Letter from Bevan: The Dogs Are OK

From Bevan Dufty's latest newsletter*:
I heard from dog lovers about dingy yellow water from the faucets at Joby's Run at the Upper Noe Recreation Center. Please let your dogs know that the problem has been fixed with the assistance of PUC and DPH.

The Environmental Health Inspectors from the Department of Public Health tested the water and found that the main problem was old pipes. PUC staff installed a new pipe to connect the drinking fountains to a new water line and repaired the fountain valves. Now, the line is connected to the same line used by humans and the water is clear again.

I would like to thank Christopher Faust of Friends of Upper Noe Dog Owners Group [FUNDOG!] for bringing this issue to my attention and Laura Spanjian and Michael Carlin of the PUC.

*Bevan's outdated newsletter page. If you'd like to subscribe to future editions, well... since Icebase/Coolermail took over it's impossible to figure out how to subscribe. We'd like to help.... Can anyone else figure it out?