February 14, 2009

Bell Market is Closed - Now What?

Bell Market, February 14, 2009

With Bell Market closing its doors on February 15, 2009, at 4:00PM, Noe Valley will be without a major grocer until Whole Foods opens next fall. Here's a list of local places to go until then (and perhaps after).

Noe Valley Farmer's Market
Every Saturday, 8:00AM - 1:00PM
3861 24th Street, between Sanchez and Vicksburg

Seasonal, local, organic and natural fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, bread, nuts, honey. Also prepared food of the Mexican, Indian and smoothie varieties. Live music. Lots of strollers. Bonus: you get to meet your neighbors.

26th & Guerrero Market
1400 Guerrero Street

"Your Neighborhood Health Food Store"
Natural and organic fruits and vegetables, Acme Bread, vitamins/supplements, fresh flowers, beer, wine and liquor.

Valencia Farmer's Market
1299 Valencia Street @ 24th St

Not truly a farmer's market but plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, bulk-bin cereal, and Kombucha. One block from the BART station.

Church Produce
1798 Church St @ 30th

Strong mix of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, olive bar. Church Produce was recommended by many commenters in a recent thread.

Casa Guadalupe
2909 Mission Street @ 25th St

Full service market with fresh fruits/veggies, butcher, Latin-American specialties. Super affordable.

Drewes Bros. Meats
1706 Church St @ 29th St

"We are a full service butcher shop that specializes in only the highest quality products."
Meat, fish and poultry from Niman Ranch, Angus Meyer, Natural Hill. All-natural, free-range, no hormones antibiotics or preservatives. Special orders - no problem.

Fresh Meat Market
2704 Mission St @ 23rd St

Fresh (read: wrigglng) fish, seafood, meat and poultry. Not organic or free-range, but you can get just about anything here super cheap.

24th Street Cheese Company
3893 24th Street @ Sanchez St

Cheese! Also sausages, pâté, prosciutto, wine, olives, other specialty items.

Pasta Gina
741 Diamond St @ 24th St

Fresh and frozen pasta, house-made sauces, prepared foods, wine, bread, cheeses, olives, and anything else for a quick dinner or picnic. And don't forget the cannoli!

And ... of course there are these options:
  • Safeway (Diamond Heights or Mission St)
  • Tower Market / Mollie Stone
  • DeLano's IGA on South Van Ness
Please add suggestions, recommendations or testimony in the comments. Let Noe know what you love and why you love it.

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Anonymous said...

A better butcher than Drewes, but a little farther away, is Alhambra Halal Meat Company on 24th & Folsom. The prices and quality are excellent. It is halal so no pork, but they have a great selection of chicken, lamb, beef and other middle eastern specialties. http://alhambrahalal.com/

Anonymous said...

Sun Fat is a great fish market on Mission between 23rd and 22nd. Very cheap and actually fresh (especially compared to the other markets nearby).

Anonymous said...

The closest substitute to Bell I've found is DeLano's at 18th and Collingwood in the Castro. Free parking (and you can make a run to Walgreens too if needed).

Anonymous said...

I'll 2nd Sun Fat for fish; it's one of the best places in the city for fish let alone in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The point about Drewes is that it is organic. I don't care if something is halal or kosher or whatever if it has been ingesting all sorts of antibiotics, hormones, and who knows what else while it was alive.

Anonymous said...

Shufat Market on 24th between Church and Vicksburg. They have a fair number of organic groceries (including milk and other dairy) considering their size. And they are open 7:30AM-2AM. Can't beat that when you need to run out at night and get a few things! I know it doesn't look like much, but then, neither did the Bell.