January 19, 2009

Photos: Noe Valley At Night

Once again, Flickr user bats1234 sends a great shot of Noe Valley. This time, it's of Upper Noe and Fairmont Heights. "With all these warm days and mild nights, I can actually go out back for more than a quick glance at the hills." Also: "My first shot (a 47 second exposure) using a decently tall, heavy, and stable tripod. With luck, there will be fewer shaky night shots and subsequent cursing. And more peering into neighbor's windows." Close your blinds, Noe Valley -- no one wants to see that!

And thanks, bats, for the photo.


Anonymous said...

I have not lived in Noe Valley in over 13 years, but I was born and raised there and seeing your picture just brings me back home and great momories. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, Anon.

Hope to be out after the rain to get more pics.

Anonymous said...

"Note to self: After a long day at work, I *don't* want to see that!"

Oh Valerie!