June 5, 2012

Closed: La Sirena Botanica

"They're going to renovate the building" stated owner Maria when we spoke to her by telephone. We called after hearing from neighbor merchants that the whole building needs an upgrade - the foundation is crumbling.

Currently working in Redwood City, Maria plans to reopen when construction is complete. But while the space is empty now, there are no permits for 1509 Church St on file with the DBI. Given the projected timeline, it's unclear if La Sirena Botanica will reopen on Church St.

[NVSF: Not Closing: La Sirena Botanica]


Anonymous said...

There was apparently some animal sacrifice stuff going on according to neighbors who could see the backyard from their abodes (one mentioned a baby goat). I came across a very strange flightless white chicken on the sidewalk, cowering against a building a couple doors down from the shop. Called Animal Care & Control who "rescued" it, but a passerby said it looked like one of the chickens she uses to "cleanse" evil spirits from her building, then the practice is to just throw the poor flightless bird out the window to fend for itself on the Muni tracks. Good riddance Botanica.

Anonymous said...

I think this is her normal pactice. She now lives in Redwood City in the garage of her son's rented house where 3 small children live and she conducts s0-called clansings and animal sacrifices in the garage and throws the dead anilmals and nearby garbage containers. This woman is a theif too. She takes advanage to people that are in desperate need of help.
She should be in jail.