June 5, 2012

NVV June 2012: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are notable highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered here on NVSF or outside sources as the Voice doesn't post stories until the middle of the month.

June 2012

Front Page: Noe Valley author Sonia Faleria has a book about life in Mumbai; electric cars get a charge out of Walgreens [Ed note: no mention that even non EVs can park there]; SummerFEST is coming; white dots around Noe = sidewalk replacement.
Letters: A reader wants to know why not more police downtown; more hate/love for the Examiner; another plea for a Town Square angel; realtors: get a parking clue.

Cost of Living in Noe: A mini mansion sells for $3.4 million; buyer crowds resemble the "dot-com boom of the late 1990s-early 2000s" (and we know what that got us).

Store Trek: Noe Valley Wine Merchants (3821 24th St.)

Rumors: Real Foods may - or may not - have new plans to make the building safe for retail without adding development; NV Town Square has raised over $100,000 - and needs more money asap; some restaurants for sale [Joe's on 24th St, and another: "owner retiring"] ; Chris Cosentino of Incanto has a cookbook; Chloe's turns 25; First Republic not so popular; Sirena Botanica closes; more Facebook zillionaire puffery. 

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