June 6, 2012

Meeting: Upper Noe Neighbors June 2012

Vicki Rosen sent the agenda to this month's meeting, and also a call to arms. Emphasis ours:
We have a good meeting planned for June and hope many of you can attend. Here's the agenda:
  • J-Church effectiveness study and proposals--MTA's Transit Effectiveness Program will present options for improving service on our favorite streetcar line including suggestions they've gotten from people in our neighborhood so far. Also, MUNI reps will be there to discuss other issues we've been having on our line like the continued shuttling of non-J streetcars and excessive use of air horns.
  • Police report focusing on the break-ins we've been having recently that aim mostly for expensive bicycles. Bad people are getting into garages that folks think are secure.
  • Friends of Upper Noe Rec Center have applied for a grant to put an outdoor classroom on the Sanchez St. side...see the draft plans!
Wednesday, June 13, 7:30 pm
Upper Noe Rec Center (Day & Sanchez)

ONE MORE THING: We need volunteers to help Upper Noe Neighbors by being on the Board. It's very little work. We need ideas and a little bit of commitment. If we don't get people to step up to the plate, we'll have to reevaluate how UNN will operate in the future. Please help YOUR neighborhood group!