August 25, 2010

Not Closing: La Sirena Botanica

A papered-over storefront always attracts our attention, as do empty shelves. And this morning we could also hear a lonely cat over the street noise. We spoke to Mary Ehm, owner, who informed us that she is painting the shop to "make a fresh look" and will be back in business in about a week. La Sirena Botanica has been "a supply store for matters of the spirit" at 1509 Church St since 1999, and this year was named Best Place to Put a Spell on You.

[SFWeekly: Best Place to Put a Spell on You]
[SFGate: In the stars, the cards and the grounds -- psychics eye the future]


Hands of Fire said...

Phew, thanks, I was starting to wonder what was going to happen to my neighborhood botanica that I love so much...

Anonymous said...

Interesting....I wonder why people would want a charlatan back in theri neighborhoos someone who sacrifices animals on a routine basis. Mary is a liar if she is telling people that she is going back to the store. From what she has told many people is that other santeras in SF hkept sending her evil spells and evil spirits and she decided to move out. Unlucky for the building owner who is now stuck with the building that has very negative energy. No wonder it has taken years to rent again. Yikes!