June 14, 2012

Open: Olive This Olive That

The coming soon sign is gone, and Olive This Olive That opened for business today. From the company website, er Facebook page:
Purveyors of the freshest and most flavorful extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Sourcing over 50 single and blend varietals and infused extra virgin olive oils, dark and white traditional method balsamics from Modena, Italy. All available for tasting and pairing. We also offer Papperdelle's hand-crafted pasta with over 50 flavors and types to choose from. Many are gluten-free. Exquisite sea salts from the Philippines enhance flavors of fresh produce, meats, and fish, used by many well-known chefs around the world. Beautiful reuseable gift bags also from the Philippines and also supporting cottage industries and families make a perfect gift for a hostess, a friend, a family member, or yourself.
Inside, the former nail salon space has been completely remodeled into a charming olive oil and balsamic tasting bar. Owners Janelle and Mary say they'll be open Thurs-Sun through June, and then 7 days a week starting in July.

It's nice to see a new food retailer find a foothold near 24th St.

Olive This Olive That
304 Vicksburg at 24th St.


Me'irah said...

This is a delightful new store, that is adding to the special ambiance of San Francisco. The stock of oils vinegars & pastas is bountiful, the decor esthetic, the help very helpful, and the tastings delicious. I bought persian lime scented olive oil, and fresh summer peach balsamic vinegar. They go together terrifically to make a very refreshing salad dressing.

Lisa Perry said...

It was absolutely beautiful, I never thought that so many oils even exist, but they do, and I had a wonderful time tasting them to see which one was perfect for my taste. The service was very good. I bought the Blood Orange Oil and White Premium Balsamic Vinegar, and they were delicious together. And the pasta was fun; my daughter is a big chocolate fan, so she found chocolate pasta.

Olive This Olive That said...

We're so excited to be a part of the community and this neighborhood. Thank you, Me'irah, Lisa, for your compliments!

We've also just launched our website in the last few weeks, we can be found at


Janell said...

Our "Thank you Noe Valley" Grand Opening is this Sunday, July 29 from 3-6. A local acoustic band, Wildhawk, will be setting the mood while neighbors can mingle, sample treats (mom has updated her pound cake recipes with olive oil - no kidding - bye bye Donna Reed!), beverages such as our new wave Italian sodas with flavored balsamics - don't knock 'em til you try 'em - and of course, special deals that you won't be able to resist! Or just stop by to say, 'hello' and how happy you are we aren't another nail salon! ;)