June 26, 2012

Photo: Play Ball!

Addison Brewer-Hay, daughter of Elizabeth Street Brewery owners Alyson and Richard Brewer-Hay, announces "play ball" at the June 25, 2012, Giants/Dodgers game at AT&T Park. The Giants won 8-0, but Addison brought home a night for the record books.

Also: video.

[Photo: Richard Brewer-Hay]


Noe Nate said...

The "owners" of Elizabeth Street Brewery? I missed the grand opening. I have some great news to announce. I am opening a restaurant. Serving dinner to me every night in my dining room.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Noe Nate, no one thinks this is a real brewery. However, unlike your example, they *have* provided beers to hundreds of folks in the last year+ (count me as one).
If you start providing free dinners like that, then by all means I'd be the first to call you "Noe Nate's Diner" or whatever you want.