June 25, 2012

Witnesses Wanted: Party Poopers On 24th St

This from the Noe Valley Parents email list:
Did anyone notice the drunk/messed up couple who wreaked havoc in Noe Saturday night? They were trying to find parking by waking up residents and crashing their car into a parked vehicle and a garage door on 24th street between Noe and Castro.

They were generally very loud and threatening and possibly attending a party in the area. I am looking to figure out the licence plate on their Ford (which had a big Giants sticker on the rear window) which also is missing a rear tail light.

Any help appreciated.
See something? Know the perps? Are you the perp and feeling guilty? Send us what info you have and we'll pass it to the originator of the above plea.

[Photo: Babble]


Anonymous said...

1. they are drunken straight hipsters from the mission.

2. you spelled license wrong. it's with an s.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone call the police? Also, any idea what color the Ford was, and is there any description of the couple? Age? Race? Heterosexual couple?