November 7, 2010

Town Square: Update On Rec & Park Site Visit

Via Todd David:
On Wednesday, November 3, the Park and Rec Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC) met and discussed The Noe Valley Town Square Project.

Four members of Residents for Noe Valley Town Square attended the meeting--myself, Chris Keene (from Noe Valley Ministries), Erica Sweetman (from Noe Valley Farmers' Market), and Michael Powell (from Noe Valley Farmers' Market).

We made a 3 minute presentation to PROSAC and we submitted a letter strongly supporting the project from Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

PROSAC voted 11-1 to advise the Rec and Park Commission to utilize the Open Space Fund to purchase the property. However, the full PROSAC committee is 23 members and 12 affirmative votes are needed to officially endorse a project. All that being said, Residents for Noe Valley Town Square can still move forward and make a presentation to the Rec and Parks Commission explaining that only 12 PROSAC members were present at the November meeting and the vote to support the project was 11-1. And that is what we are planning on doing.

I want to thank District 8 PROSAC members Frank Triska and Jeanne McKinney for their unwavering support of the project. They have been strong advocates for the neighborhood. It is clear why Bevan Dufty appointed them to represent us.


I don't know when we will be presenting to the Rec and Parks Commission. I will follow up with that important information ASAP.

This Thursday, November 11, I am meeting with Meredith Thomas (Executive Director of Neighborhood Parks Council) and Carlos Rivera (Manager of Circle Bank's 24th Street Location) to open an Escrow Account at Circle Bank for the Town Square. Once the details are worked out, I will send out an email explaining how you can contribute.

Todd David
Residents for Noe Valley Town Square
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