November 16, 2010

Parklets: Construction Begins

The long-debated and awaited parklets on 24th St began construction today. The pavers are concrete and rest on steel beams; the planters are also steel. More details from StreetsBlogSF:
The new spaces were designed by Riyad Ghannam, who designed and built the first parklet in the city in front of the Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divisadero street. The parklets will replace a total of four parking spaces and cost $37,000, the entirety of which came from Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development as part of their commercial revitalization budget. The Noe Valley Association, which represents merchants in the area, is the permit holder and will oversee the maintenance of the facilities.
Expect the parklets to be completed in front of Martha & Bros and Just For Fun in time for the weekend -- just in time for the rain.

Update from Carol Yenne:
The Permit Holder is the Noe Valley Association CBD which is the property owners of the commercial district, not the merchant association.

It would also be nice to mention this is a "trial" to see how folks like them. These are not not permanent parklet being set up.

Carol Yenne
Member of NVA CBD as well as NVMPA board.
[StreetsBlogSF: Noe Valley Parklet Installation Begins]


Anonymous said...

wait, so are they not permanent, or are they not not permanent? im so confused

Anonymous said...

these are temporary structures and built on a trial basis and will be permanent if the neighborhood likes them.

Anonymous said...

This is great!

Anonymous said...

"The long-debated?" What debate are you referring to. Parklets came by default and without any debate. The debate was about the plaza.

Anonymous said...

Parklets were Option B in the same debate and were approved by 70-something percent of people who attended the final community meeting. The plaza had the headlines, but the parklets were part of the mix. They didn't come by default; they came by consensus