November 28, 2010

Announced: The Lux Condos On Outer Church

We noticed the above rendering of the development planned for 1596 Church St this morning, now to be called The Lux. The only information posted on the billboard is for Vangaurd real estate agent Keely Ferguson - nothing about financing, contractors or a time line. It's been more than a year since the Blue Church was converted to a vacant lot, but nothing has happened on the permit side of the equation other than a few complaints.

Seems that the original demolition permit was for "INTERIOR NON STRUCTURAL DEMOLITION WORK ONLY. MEZZANINE AND ALL STAIRWAYS TO REMAIN." And while there have been a few complaints, all have been abated with no action. The only new building permit application has been for a "street space" (read: less parking around job site).


All that jives with what we found searching for more info. An early rendering (with an equally silly name) from Kotas/Pantaleoni Architects shows the same design with less color:

Here's what they say about it:
Located on outer Church Street in San Francisco, the Del Mar Residences re-imagines a controversial blue church building for new uses in this quiet neighborhood. Our remodeling creates three flats and three townhouses over a new neighborhood commercial space. The building's base is reconstructed to create transparency and lightness, with a deeply recessed pathway on the south and a tall set of windows wrapping the corner. Large bays mark the intersection for drama and to collect light. The building is shaped to distinguish its parts and to balance the mass of a noteworthy large older building across the street.
So... Pretty pictures, but no new permits, no mention of financing and no time line. Will this development happen or are developers just gauging interest? Stay tuned.

Update (11/29): We received the following from Keely Ferguson:

The project is fully entitled. The project will have 6 residential units over commercial space:
  • 3 x 2 bd/2 ba flats, approx 1050s.f. each.
  • 3 x 3 bd/2.5ba townhomes, approx 1750-2150 s.f. (they differ)
High end modern homes. All units have 1 parking space. Shared interior courtyard – some units have decks. Hope to deliver Spring 2012.

Thanks, Keely
In case you're wondering, here's what fully entitled means. Still no change on the building department's permits status page.

[NVSF: Blue church: Slated For Demo]


Jer Noble said...

Wow, is that an abomination or what? That building looks like it belongs in SOMA, not on Church St.

MD said...

Abomination indeed! Not to mention thoughtless and hideous! Don't architects go to school anymore!?! There's one of these on the corner of 29th & Dolores which also took ZERO cues from its surroundings. Neighbors...don't let this happen! Force these "architects" to go back to Autodesk and THINK about this location and our neighborhood and not simply recycle high density drawings from their first year at Cal Poly's "Architecture School"!

Eileen Bermingham said...

Spotted this over the weekend, too. Here's my take:

No word back from the listing agent, but I'll be updating details as soon as I can get 'em.

Anonymous said...

5 bucks says this was the doing of rocky's dad.

Godot said...

I agree, hideous! In fact, looking at all the Kotas/Pantaleoni Architects' "coming attractions" and built homes they all have the same abysmally boring, jarring, mindless, and location-inappropriate look and feel. This firm embodies much that is wrong with modern architectural design (not that I'm an architect or designer, I'm not). They must not be allowed to design the structure that goes up there. Granted, the blue church was an eyesore but come on!

rocky's dad said...

Well, Rocky'sdad didn't design this one but if he had he would have done the following:

1. make it taller, increase the density which is an essential factor for a true transit village.
2. parking ratio: 1 space for 2 units.Include bike parking.
3. roof space as shared green gardens for all residents.

cr said...

Hey, RD, whaddya know? We agree on something!

rocky's dad said...

gosh, CR, I wasn't aware of that. what DO we agree on?

cr said...

All of it. I agree with all three of your points. So there you have it on the record.

rocky's dad said...

oh, I see. cool. I was also throwing in my bike rant comments, which you are I are far apart on.

cr said...

And now I have it on the record that you're a bike ranter.

Okay, okay. Just kidding.

rocky's dad said...

Oh, that's ok, yea, I prob am, according the the bike nuts.

Do I care?

It's really just about expressing a different opinion, but a lot of the bike boys and girls don't really like that.

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to when these new apartments will be ready for showing. It's already been a year since the project was started in Nov. of 2010. Is it almost completed?