November 11, 2010

Supes Race: Mandelman Concedes, Wiener Victorious

The final tally won't be official until the end of November, but the race for District 8 Supervisor is over. From SFGate:
...The other conceded race goes to Scott Wiener in District Eight. The second-place finisher in that showdown, Rafael Mandelman, issued his statement to ''Dear Friends'' on Wednesday.

''I cannot express just how incredibly grateful I am to all of you who have been part of my campaign for supervisor,'' Mandelman wrote. ''Unfortunately, after two years of dialing for dollars, knocking on doors, chasing after endorsements and harassing the bejeezus out of every registered voter we could track down in the district, we are firmly in second place. ... Scott Wiener will be the next supervisor for District Eight (and a very capable and excellent supervisor he will surely be), but I am so glad and grateful for the opportunity to represent you and your values in this campaign.''

Like Kim, Wiener also made use of the exclamation mark in a mass e-mail, stating: ''Victory!''

In the latest results, Wiener had 42.75 percent of the first-choice votes Thursday to Mandelman's 35.27 percent. But again, when voters' second- and third-choice votes were run in a preliminary count, Wiener surpassed the crucial 50 percent mark.
[SFGate: Kim, Wiener declare victory]


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy we didn't have to deal with that crazy prog mandelman.

Congrats Scott!