November 22, 2010

Open: Patxi's

A few days ahead of schedule - and before the grand opening on Dec. 1 - Patxi's opened for business today. It will be open 7 days a week, 11am-10pm (closed Thanksgiving).

And of course it's already been reviewed on Yelp.

Patxi’s Noe Valley
4042 24th Street
Phone: 415-285-2000

Update: As of Nov. 24 Patxi's Noe does have a beer and wine license.


gonzo said...

We had dinner there last night and it was awesome - great food, super-friendly staff. FYI, they don't have a liquor license yet, but they were fine with us bringing our own beer.

Anonymous said...

do we know when they'll get their liquor licnese? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I was told the liquor license application is sitting on someone's desk in Sacramento. So it could be tomorrow or mid-December. But for now it sounds like no one is going to complain if you bring your own bottle of wine (no corkage fee - sweet!).

Catharine said...

We were there last night and they had their liquor license. Woo hoo!

The pizza was amazing. Yum yum.