November 12, 2010

Drewes Meats: Now With Turducken

Drewes Meats has been almost-not-quite-going-out-of-business-and-still-hanging-in-there for over 100 years on the outer corridor of Church Street. This year it is reinventing itself with... Turducken.

Via 7x7 magazine:
"Just for the holidays, they've got free range, all natural Willie Bird Turkeys at $3.09/lb, while the organic ones start at $4.29/lb, and go up to 32 lbs! Petite Diestel turkeys start at $3.09/lb, while organic ones go for $4.29/lb. Drewes Brothers also do smoked turkeys, chickens and cornish game hens, as well as house made Turducken for the first time! They've been getting more orders for Turducken than expected so call ahead and reserve one by the 22nd. They're stuffed with andouille sausage, cranberries and pinenuts, and range from $135-150. They'll also brine your birds for you, for $4.99/lb. They'll take your bird orders until the day before Thanksgiving."
Drewes Bros. Meats 1706 Church Street, (415) 821-0515

[7x7: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Your Turkey SF]

[Image: Drewes]


Anonymous said...

How does a meat market reinvent itself by selling turkducken. That is just dumb lazy writing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Noe Valley blog commenters, why are you such petty, small-minded human beings? Go comment on Curbed, or write your own blog.

Anonymous said...

A meat market reinvents itself by selling meat! Awesome. Anymore hot stories? The Peaks reinvents itself by selling beer?

Anonymous said...

dear commenter on us commenters, you are the "small minded" one who should go to curbed....or stop reading all of our comments.

Eric Suesz said...

I hate to say it, but this is kind of indicative of their overall problem: They're late to every party. Turducken was a really fun thing to do -- like, four years ago.

Still hope to see them succeed, but doubtful they will. There's so much you can do with food and community, and so much you could do to (cheaply) spruce up that space. From my own experience shopping there, I don't feel much customer enthusiasm for what they offer; nor do I get that from the people who work there. Organic isn't enough. Ten years ago it was.

I think the neighborhood would support them more if they were a little more savvy.

paigeali said...

I have always received friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable service from the staff at Drewes, and love supporting a small, local store while shopping there.

re: writing style, this isn't the New York Times. Manage your expectations and use your energy for more worthwhile and constructive criticism, please!

re: Drewes needing to be "spruced up", why? They have a robust selection. Would love to hear what you would like to see there, specifically.

elizlk said...

I agree with what paigeali says about Drewes. Eric also says "organic isn't enough" . . . and Drewes stocks more than that - look again, if you've not been there lately.
The selection is excellent, particularly now that they're stocking pasture-raised meats from Marin Sun Farms. I special order cuts from them for special recipes, and have always received great advice as to how much to buy (generally, advice to buy less than I had planned to order, given my number of guests).
If you like to cook, don't underestimate the importance of having access to knowledgeable butchers available. You won't get that service most places.

mulls said...

So what. Pasta Gina is offering a whole stuffed camel.

Godot said...

I believe Pasta Gina got that recipe from the Pink Floyd remastered AHM CD discussed in the wikipedia article. All good (non-veg) Floydheads regularly feast on WSC.

Anonymous said...

Why is anonymous talking to himself