July 7, 2009

Deep Sushi: Opening or Clearing Out?

Deep Sushi abruptly closed at the end of last year, and sold in February (buyer rumored to have ties to Ozumo). About a month ago the Deep Sushi signs disappeared from the window, and now Mark tells us:
I just noticed that the long dormant spot where Deep Sushi used to be (on Church-between 29 and 30th) is finally seeing some action. Workers were spotted there the last few days and now they have covered the windows with construction blinds. Perhaps a new restaurant is finally going to use this great space?? Or maybe the owner is just going to sell some of the gear inside...sigh.
Buzz reports that "as we were waiting for a table at toast yesterday, i spotted something curious in the window of the old deep sushi locale...windex(!). sure, they could be just cleaning....but me thinks something is afoot!"

FWIW, no new permits have been filed and the liquor license remains untouched since February. So is this much ado about nothing or is Upper Noe Valley getting its sushi back?

[NVSF: Signs of the Times]


Anonymous said...

I actually spoke to one of the guys who was doing some work inside. He said that the planned sale fell through and it will be re-opened by one of the original owners. Menu will be expanded to include a bunch of noodle dishes. I think the timing was a couple of months.

Sean said...

Ooh, that's exciting! I've missed having decent sushi in the hood. Hamano hasn't cut it in a while.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that they will be opening sometime in September with a new owner and I think one of the old ones too. They've got a new chef to add the same sushi flavor and new cooked dishes!! I spoke to one of the workers and evidently they are opening up another place on 1st/Folsom.