July 13, 2009

Sold: Last Week in Noe Valley Real Estate

3917 26th ST

More homes than usual (for recent times) closed last week in Noe Valley. Garret Goldman provides a weekly listing of housing activity around the City, but to find out the selling price, you have to sign up for his newsletter. We've agreed not to publish sales price information received from Garret, but here's a summary of where the market is right now:

Under asking
  • 260 Day St; asking $1,095,750; 80 days on market (DOM)
  • 3917 26th St; asking $1,398,000; 173 DOM
  • 76 Jersey St; asking $1,595,000; 0 DOM(!)
  • 1522 Sanchez; asking $1,595,000; 41 DOM
  • 3888 23rd St; asking $1,029,000; 60 DOM (condo/TIC)
Asking or over asking
  • 4322 25th St; asking $2,599,000; 6 DOM
  • 138 27th St; asking $849,000; 34 DOM (condo/TIC)
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Anonymous said...

Unrelated, ron abta was our broker, and he did a great job.

johnnyawe said...

Its publicly available information so I'm not sure why you or Garret would try to keep it a secret.

260 Day: $950,000
3917 26th: $1,275,000
76 Jersey: $1,465,000
1522 (1520?) Sanchez: $1,475,000

4322 25th: $2,610,000
138 27th: $849,000

3888 23rd st: unavailable on MLS?

Seriously, its a huge disservice to your readers not to include this info. Why are you not including this? So that "Garret Goodman" (is that seriously his name?) can be the sole arbiter of sale price data for Noe Valley? What is your relationship with "Garret"? Does "Garret" advertise on the site?

One last time just to drive it home: You chose to withhold from your readers publicly available information and imply that the only way to get it was through a real estate agent. Truly sickening.

Noe Valley, SF said...

Calm down, Johnny. Garret publishes a newsletter (as do many agents), and as part of the agreement he has with the MLS he can't disclose selling price on his blog - only to subscribers of the newsletter.

The information you cite is public, but not at the time we posted this. It takes time to percolate to the public. Kudos to you for finding it now.

You're welcome to follow the link to Garret's site if you'd like to tell him how sickening you think the process is. Or maybe you can sign up for the newsletter.

johnnyawe said...

Sorry - I didn't realize it wasn't public info at the time of the post, which does change things a bit, since the newsletter could possibly add value in that subscribers would be privy to sales information before the general public.

Still, I stand by the my original comment: your statement "to find out the selling price, you have to sign up for his newsletter" - is.. misleading at best.