July 14, 2009

Bubbles and Shampoo Opens With City Aid

Mayor Gavin Newsom visited Bubbles and Shampoo, a new Noe Valley salon, today to tout owner Claudia Ricarte's successful use of a $25,000 loan from the city to open her small business.

...[She is one of the first] participants in the San Francisco Revolving Loan Fund that has $800,000 in federal funds to loan to San Francisco's small business owners who can't get a bank loan and pledge to create a job for a low-income person.
No word on if the City helped Ms Ricarte obtain permits for construction.

Update: Details on how to obtain a similar loan through TMC Development Working Solutions are available here.

[SFGate: City loans benefit purveyors of beauty products and granola bars]
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oddnoc said...

Yah... Mr. Newsom... About that paint job...

Anonymous said...

The owner of MadKat is no other than a person that his real estate debacle is documented in


And if you look at property records it's the same person involved in


Anonymous said...

Muhawieh sold to a woman named Claudia. She is not involved in his escapades.