July 30, 2009

Tidbits: Openings

Scott McDonald of Noeteca says "...our current projected opening date is September 9th. I'm hesitant to name an exact date because I fear it will invite additional delays ... So far the final stages seem to be running smoothly and the ABC is finally getting ready to transfer our license."

Andrew Calabrese is transitioning out of the Community Liaison role for the Noe Valley Whole Foods. "Shortly a Marketing Team Leader will be hired who will be answering questions and working with the community as I have been." But what we really want to know: "We are still looking at an opening date in late September. We are very certain that it won’t be any later." And that office in the old Noe Valley Video? Just that - a temporary office.

Finally, there's been some activity at 1298 Church St. Unfortunately, it all seems to be centered on the housing above, and not the restaurant space still bare to the studs and without a beer/wine license.

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