July 7, 2009

Photo: Yo-Yo Tree

Courtney sent the above photo with the following comment:
Today I went to my gym, Purely Physical Fitness, located on the corner of 25th and Church. Outside the window facing 25th, there is this tree with red yo-yo's placed strategically in it like red cherries. The yo-yo's have the PerksatWork logo on them. Did a local neighbor have extra swag from his job and wanted to do something neat with them? Is this a clever marketing ploy? Regardless, it was kind of odd. Aesthetically, I like the cherry effect!
We like it too! But does anyone know what's going on? Is it clever marketing, cool street art or as @AmyGSFN Tweets: "Is that like the Noe Valley version of TPing a house?"


Anonymous said...

I saw the yo-yo tree today, and I have to say, it's pretty damned adorable.