June 2, 2009

Tidbits: More Shuffling On 24th St

We received a tip that Noe Knit will close on June 9th. Slow sales a sign of the times or is knitting once again uncool? Phoenix Books is rumored to be moving into the space at 3957 24th St. No word on what will move into the Phoenix spot. Ideas?

Also moving is Successories. Pamela Winston-Charbonneau is moving her custom jewelry shop out of the back of Lisa Violetto and into the recently-vacated space at 3904 24th St (formerly The Jewelry Box).

Madkat: Gutted. That answers that.

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Anonymous said...

Have you (whoever you are) called Noe Knit to verify your "rumor" is true, before spreading gossip that could hurt the merchant's business if it is not true?

ben said...

Quotation marks imply you're quoting the word "rumor", when you're not. But, you're right, I was going to buy some wool until I found out that the store that sells it might close sometime in the future.

Noe Valley, SF said...

Actually yes - confirmed with a clerk in the shop and 2 regular knitters/buyers. Everything in the store is 50% off (except the books which are marked down 40%). Last day: next Tuesday. Judging from the activity and lines at the register, plenty of people are scooping up great deals.

-ellen. said...

I was in MadKat the day before it was papered-up and the clerk told me they are moving to another location on 24th (she pointed West) but she did not know the exact location. She made it sound like it was a few weeks off, so I was a bit shocked to see the paper on the windows the next day!

Anonymous said...

FYI - I don't think a lack of interest in knitting was the problem with Noe Knit. Hopefully someone else who really wants to run a knitting shop will come up with a plan and bring a good shop back to Noe!