June 30, 2009

Crime Beat: Armed Robberies Continue

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.

More of the same:
June 29, 2009

Street Robbery
-- 11:15pm. 1800 block Church St. Officer Plantiga and Officer Khan responded to a call of an armed robbery. The victim stated that she had been confronted on the sidewalk in front of her house by two males. One suspect placed his hand under his shirt and displayed and object that the victim believed was a handgun. The two suspects forced the victim to surrender some U.S. currency, her ID, and her debit card before fleeing on foot from the scene.
And nearby:
Street Robbery -- 11:00pm. Elk St. / Chenery St. Officer Stansbury prepared a report at Ingleside Station regarding a street robbery that had just occurred. The victim stated that she had just gotten off the Muni bus at Elk and Chenery and was walking on the sidewalk when she heard a vehicle stop, and then start back up again, from somewhere
behind her. The victim then saw a small to mid-sized vehicle slowly pass her and disappear around a street corner. As she continued walking near the tennis courts, she was suddenly set upon by two males. The victim believed that one suspect may have been holding a firearm underneath his shirt and was pointing it at her. The two suspects stole various items,
including the victim's cell phone, and fled on foot, disappearing in the direction where the victim had noticed the suspicious vehicle had been driven. The victim was able to recover several of her personal items that
the suspects had dropped while they were fleeing on foot.
Also yesterday:
Buglary -- 11:52am. 500 block 28th St. Officer Lundy prepared a report of a residential burglary. An unknown suspect(s) entered the home by breaking a window while the owners were away on vacation. The suspect stole jewelry, cash and electronic items.
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