June 29, 2009

Plastic-Free Farmer's Market

Malcolm Haar

Rumors have been floating around that the Noe Valley Farmer's Market is trying to eliminate plastic bags, joining the ranks of other markets that do the same. This weekend Cooks Boulevard's Malcolm Haar Tweeted a cool slidehow by Warbin K of people who already bring their own bags to the market.

It's not just the shoppers going green. Vendors leading the pack include reusable/redeemable yogurt crocks from Saint BenoƮt, paper bags and containers from Swanton Berry Farm, Far West Fungi and Bennett Valley Bread, biobags from Capay (even if they charge $0.25).

How 'bout you? Do you bring your own bags to the market or take what they give you? Do you plan your trips or just stop in on a whim? Would you still shop at the Farmer's Market if they didn't provide plastic bags?

[Warbin K: Flikr: Bring Your Own Bag]


Anonymous said...

I have extra canvas and nylon bags. It would be great to donate some for those that forget and have them there at the market.

Noe Valley, SF said...

Great idea!! We forwarded your note to the organizers of the market and here's what we heard back:

"Thank you. This sounds fantastic. Yes, if they could leave them with our manager and/or at our Info & Educ. table, we'll make them available to customers."

Tamagosan said...

Wait, people still use plastic bags? :-P Srsly, they're a pain in the neck; love the pic of the guy cutting out the middleman!

noevalleygal said...

Here's the challenge I have with the biobags and the canvas ones as well. They are fine for transporting produce home, but many items including greens need to be stored in a plastic bag that doesn't breathe - if you store them in the fridge in a bio or canvas bag they will spoil more quickly. So in the final equation, I'm using two bags - one to transport and moving the food into second bag to store food. With the plastic bags, I use just one and I wash and re-use them, so I'm unconvinced the biobags are necessarily in practice reducing the environmental impact of my shopping.

Noe Valley, SF said...

That's a great point. Reusing plastic bags definitely works. Having someone explain the "crisper" feature on most fridges would also help. Anyone have other suggestions?