June 8, 2009

Announced: Bistro 24

Yet another restaurant is to open at 4123 24th St: Bistro 24. So far there's just a sign in the window that says "Coming Soon: Bistro 24." No building permits have been filed. The domain name bistro24sf.com is currently parked on godaddy.com. And the beer and wine license is still held by the previous tenant, Stefano Coppola of Lupa.

Just speculating, but all this looks like how Mr Coppola opened the last business here. Could it be that City Grill is no longer for sale?

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Anonymous said...

Spoke to Stefano last night and he is indeed reopening himself, as a French bistro, and says he has an awesome chef ("you'll love") lined up already.

Unknown said...

I dined there on 7/25. The food was okay. The service was a little off, but not enough to raise a flag. However, when we entered the restaurant, we all felt the music was a little loud. As the night progressed the music got louder. I asked the waitress if she had other customers say anything about the volume and she said, "Yes, but the staff in the kitchen won't allow them to lower the volume." Seems like the kitchen staff think that they are so good that they can play their music however loud they want.