June 2, 2009

$450,000 Buys A Lot of House .... But Not in Noe

The NY Times featured a Noe Valley flat for sale today as an example of what you don't get when you spend $449,000. In Shelburne Falls, Mass. or Richmond, Kentucky that price will net you a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house or larger. In Noe you get this lower-unit apartment on Clipper:
WHAT: A one-bedroom, one-bath apartment
HOW MUCH: $449,000
SETTING: This apartment is on the lower level of a two-unit corner building in Noe Valley, a centrally located neighborhood in San Francisco. During the beginnings of the dot-com boom in the 1970s, densely packed row houses, originally built for working-class families in the early 20th century, became popular with young families. This building was built in 1921, but the unit was added in the 1950s. Two blocks north is 24th Street, a thoroughfare lined with coffee and pastry shops, bookstores, a diversity of eateries, and boutiques catering to young professionals and their kids. There’s a light-rail stop within a mile of the house.
COMMON SPACES: The kitchen is eat-in and there are hardwood floors throughout.
PERSONAL SPACES: The bedroom has built-in closets and cabinetry.
OUTDOOR SPACE: The unit shares a large yard with the rest of the building. A city park with a basketball and tennis court is across the street.
TAXES: $5,208 (estimated)
We're not even going to touch the comment about the 1970s dot-com boom (um, fact-check?). But we'd rather live here than either of those places - even in a one bedroom at 595 Clipper.

[NYT: What You Get for... $465,000]