September 1, 2011

Closing: Joseph Andrade Floral

Open only a year and a half, high-end florist Joseph Andrade is closing up shop at 3961 24th St. They weren't open when we noticed the sign, but the clerk at Vivon confirms the listing is not for the downstairs space long-vacated by Qoio.

But what we really want to know: why are vacant spaces on 24th St almost always listed by Rockwell? How's that working out for everyone?


Anonymous said...

High rent does these places in every time.

no neon for you said...

Not to go off-topic, but speaking of closings, did anyone notice Neon Monster on Castro and 22nd closed recently? Didn't find anything about it on Noe Valley SF.

Anonymous said...

ya, we all saw that it closed but none of us went into this place since there was nothing did it last so long

Anonymous said...

It was a great place, if you liked comics or weird monster dolls. I guess you didn't.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is slowly losing neighborhood charm.
How could search a lovely flower shop close? Things that are positve never stay around long. yep,high rent rules every time.
Sad...good luck to the flower shop owner.