September 22, 2011

Reader Letter: Hey Noe Valley Thief – Read This!

Fully recognizing that the thief likely won't see this, Charley pleads:
Yes you.
Look, it had cash in it and those visa gift cards that were supposed to go to my daughter’s teachers so you got some nice stuff out of it. It had a pen I liked, and who knows, maybe you even get to keep the stuff you charged on my Amex before I canceled it.
But you know what? That dumb handkerchief that I know you don’t care about, it was from my wedding, and that’s what I miss the most.
If you have any heart at all in you, can you please put the handkerchief in my mailbox at 61 Vicksburg (the house you took it from)? I don’t care about the rest of it, keep it, sell it, whatever. I just want the handkerchief back.


Infinity kmpL said...

The purse inside the car inside the garage? Wow that's ambitious. Good luck with the hanky

Anonymous said...

good place to get killed, sixth street

A. Kenny said...

Holy crap! =(

Nails Doverspike said...

So sorry. Makes me reach for a hanky---I hope the thief discarded it and a neighbor will find it. Did the thief break into the garage,open the garage door, or was it open and unattended?
A while ago a thief came through an open door and up the stairsin hour abode and swiped my wife's purse. We looked into some dumbsters near our house and, bingo, there was the purse with only the money taken. Good luck

Anonymous said...

OMG! last week this drag-queen broke into my house and stole all my wigs and my dvd of last season of Glee.

thank god I had my hooker heels locked in the trunk of my truck.

Anonymous said...

¡Que lástima! No comprendo Inglés...