August 20, 2011

Crime Beat: Armed Robbery on Sanchez

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.
August 18

Robbery -- 12:58am 1500 Blk Sanchez Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were dispatched to the area regarding a robbery. The victim explained to them that he had been walking home from a friend’s house when he saw two suspects cross the street and come towards him. One of the males pulled out a handgun and put it up against the victim’s chest. He was ordered to give the suspects all of his possessions, which he did, fearing for his safety. After taking his money and personal property, he was then directed to walk away. The victim was not harmed during the incident. Officers conducted an unsuccessful search of the area for the two suspects. Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.


Anonymous said...

Any description of the suspect, follow up, etc.?