September 9, 2011

Street Trees: 24th St Blight To Get Blightier

The two trees in front of Real Foods are set for removal at the request of the owner, who apparently came out of hiding. The notice states multiple trunk injuries, decay, etc. The notice also states that the trees will be replaced by the Noe Valley Association, which is great but will leave a gap in the canopy for some time.

If you'd like to make the building owner show up at request a hearing to appeal the trees' removal contact the DPW Urban Forestry department at 2323 Cesar Chavez St, SF CA 94124. You can fax your letter to (415) 695-2147.

Click the photo for complete info.


Bill (SFO) said...

Interesting that these Utah Corp Owners of an emtpy for years storefront should be so concerned.

Carol said...

As I understand from the CBD director...that corporation from Utah isn't concerned. The aborist from the city recommended the trees go as they are diseased. The property owners (including Real Foods owners from Utah) who pay into the CBD, will pay to take them out and put new healthy trees in their place.