September 23, 2011

Noe Valley: Home Of Yummy Mummies

Harvest Festival 2010
A hat tip to SF Weekly for pointing us to the following assessment of Noe Valley by the BBC:
Noe Valley is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in San Francisco right now. It is close by the Castro and the Mission, but it [is] filled with yummy mummies and the stroller set, sidewalk cafes and lovely old Victorians.
[BBC Travel: Living in: San Francisco]


Anonymous said...

Get that anon - filled with "yummie mummies". Not "grumpy old 'natives'"

We are the borg. You will be assimilated.

Anonymous said...

Well, yea, maybe. there are also a lot of hot daddies here too...:) yum!

You may be the borg, but I won't be complaining much, as a grumpy old native when it comes time to sell my awesome Noe house..You will pay dearly and love it.:)

And so will I.

Anonymous said...

barf. the not-so-yummy mummies drive many out of snowy valley.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Noe Valley. I miss what you were when I first moved there almost thirty years ago! I tried and tried to stay. But you've just let the working class, everyday guys seep away. I've moved on, and so have you. Good night, Sweet Prince.

Anonymous said...

wow you moved her 30 years ago.

that makes you cool. and interesting.

but you're leaving. that makes us so sad.


Anonymous said...

In related news from the New York Times:

"In Small Towns, Gossip Moves to the Web, and Turns Vicious"

Welcome to the Noe Valley village, with a members-only sign for the "Old Farts Club."

Anonymous said...

so true