October 10, 2010

J-Church Rail Replacement Almost On Track

We spoke to workers this morning at 30th and Church who said work is going well, but that they are about a half-day behind. They expect the trains will run again by Tuesday night, but they won't finish all the paving they had hoped to before then.

They still had seven sections of track to lay/join as of 9:00am. The foundation bed and ties are in place. One person told us that the new track is stronger and that the new foundation means less vibration. They're also installing a new signal system to speed track switching and a quieter mechanism for switching tracks.

We also learned that while this project is disruptive, the project that will really make you late for work is scheduled for the end of 2011: replacement of all transit infrastructure at Church and Duboce.

[NVSF: PSA: J-Church Rail Repairs Continue In October]